Fresh is best.

When it comes to getting the purest version of aloe, immediately using the gel after cutting it is the most effective method. Aloe begins to lose some of its potency after a few hours so cutting a fresh leaf will give us the most nutrients.

Panda Nutrition’s premium aloe vera products deliver the health benefits of our organic farming Aloe Vera. Made from the inner gel fillet portion of same day freshly harvested, hand-filleted organic aloe vera leaves, Panda Nutrition’s premium Aloe Vera products are the freshest on the European market today.

This is the best and more active aloe vera gel with pulp in the European market today.


Panda Nutrition uses only freshly harvested organic leafs from our farms in Crete island.

No aloe powder. No water added. No imported ready for bottling in plastic bottles in frozen form or bulk in plastic barrels. All these products are a waste of time and money